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Keeping a newScale record live after its been completed

Making changes to a service and wanting it to reflect in all open request ids.

We are in development stages of a product where the first X steps are entering data into a record, and subsequent delivery of that service.
However, we don't want it to end there.
We will be developing at a later date a centralized database outside of newscale where we want to feed this data to it.
For this iteration, it is good enough for customers to enter their data and get delivery of their service.
However, I want a 'placeholder' so that the service is not technically complete (although to the user it will appear that way)

I created a last step in the service plan that will be executed by a later date; however, i want to ensure that the code that we will write

at the future date will be 'linked in' with all the service requests that have been 'fulfilled'.

My understanding is that when a record is created, all associations with the record are saved (ie if you create a record with field A, and then you change the dictionary and do NOT include field A, and subsequently access the record you created, it will still have the 'old' field A. this leads me to think that perhaps a record is created at run time, and captures an image of all the dependencies which can never be altered.

Is there some workaround where we can develop code while at the same time offering customers this service, and address the last leg of the service delivery at  a later date??

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Keeping a newScale record live after its been completed

Hi Miriam,

There are 2 important factors to be considered here. The first is your accurate observation about dictionary behavior. The second is that any changes made to a delivery plan of a service will have no effect on in-flight transactions. This is by design. One of the many reasons is that a change to the delivery plan would generally have an effect on task due dates/service delivery dates, and the business engine does not do any recalculation of delivery dates after the delivery moment has begun.

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Keeping a newScale record live after its been completed

Thank you for your quick response.

If that is not possible, how easy is it to extract/ export a completed task out of newscale to a backend db;

assuming newScale is in Oracle, this backend would be in Oracle, as well.

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