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Lab Training CPO or TEO

Hello there,

I am looking for examples related to CPO or TEO everything is mentioned in that .pdf or video from begining to end ...small examples for practice ...How to make process and everything ...

for example...Let say if somebody assign me task to create dataset process or any process than how i have to start and how this all options works in TEO.....So i want to practice through those examples....

So ..please give me help for that practice if anybody have ....



Cisco Employee

Lab Training CPO or TEO

As mentioned in the previous thread. I suggest checking out all the VODs I've done to get support trained on PO.

As an internal employee you should be able to access:

In particular I would suggest the following ones (for lab example type stuff):

Support Brown Bag - Intro to IAC -> This gives an overview of content/usage of the CIAC offering

Updated SRD with TEO 2.2 -> This is a program I wrote in PO to automate the distribution of Service Requests that our TAC unit receives

TEO Brown Bag #6 - Content Authoring Lab -> this is a general content authoring lab I gave to support

SDO Pilot Presentation -> this is another program I wrote in PO for another group in Cisco - it automates the pulling/backin up/reconfiguring of routers and switches

Support Brown Bag #3 - Configuration - Intro to process authoring -> this is a general intro to process authoring I gave to support

I cannot link these directly here as they are for internal use only, but you can get to them via the above link.

Secondly, ones that are out on this site of value:

PID Guardian Demo - -> This is a program I wrote for some SAP customers that does monitoring and automated recovery.

I also might suggest the Horizon to TEO process creation series (3 segments) starting with segement 1 :

While you do not know Horizon it does show building a process from scratch.


--Shaun Roberts CIAC Adoption Pilot Engineering Lead
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