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List of Keywords

List of Keywords

In RC 2006 is there a way to display/report on the keywords entered for each service? We are looking to manage the keywords associated with services and make sure we are consistent, as well as making the search function more user-friendly.  A listing of each service and the keywords associated with them would be an immeasurable help in this effort, but I can neither find a report nor designer facility to manage this.

Any suggestions? 

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List of Keywords



Thanks for the insight. 

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List of Keywords

Hi David,

A simple SQL query will return the results you desire.

(This should work on the DB Schema for v2004)

Returns: ServiceID, ServiceName, Keyword

ds.ServiceID as ServiceID,
ds.Name as ServiceName,
k.Name as Keyword
DefKeywordServices ks,
DefKeyword k,
DefService ds
ds.ServiceID = ks.ServiceID
AND ks.KeywordID = k.KeywordID

Hopefully this will work with your version of RequestCenter. You could use this

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List of Keywords


If you do not have access to the database via a query tool, you may be able to request your dba's run this afterhours and return the results to you until you're able to get this into a custom report.

At least that will give you something to start with. 

List of Keywords

We are using v2007 and I dont find any way to get a list of services and the associated keywords without querying the database directly. It appears the database structure is consistent with what James listed for v2004. The table and field names remain the same so you should be able to use this query or have a custom report written. Good luck!

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List of Keywords


1. if you have appropriate access, you can use the rcFetch to run your query.

2. You can export a service, that will give you all the keywords with it.

3. Use SM to extract a service, set logging to info, that will also display all keywords with it

Best solution though, run the query above ...

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List of Keywords

When 2008.1 is released, you will have the capability to build the following reports using Advanced Reporting:

1.  All Keywords

2.  Keywords by Service (and vice versa)

If you are familiar with the Business View in Report Studio/Query Studio, we will introduce a Keyword dimension, which you can join with the existing Service dimension.

Will be happy to show it via webex in a couple of months if you are interested in seeing an early build.   Let  me know.

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