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lists in Task Rules

There are a handful of built in TEO processes that we wish to make low severity in the incidents they generate.  This is a carry over from when we were using Horizon, I don't know if these were defaulted to low severity there or if some one had changed them at some point.

I am creating a task rule to change these incidents to "low" and am trying to figure out the most elegant way to do this.  I could just list them off in a regular expression.  But I am looking at using a global variable as well.  Could I create a table global variable and some how have a task rule check all the rows there?

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lists in Task Rules

No you could not do that with tables since you would have to For-each through them and that functionality is not in a task rule.

The incident class is not mentioned in the description so that would not help you. I could see 2 ways to do this...

1) normal way most would do it -

Use a task rule and make it a long OR statement of incident IDs. IE.

2) This would be much more complex, and not quite sure if it would work (or be worth the upkeep), but you could make a table of descriptions and do a regular expression of that table's XML table data against the task created description.


[Global Variables.My.List.Of.Descriptions.Table Data.XML] "Matches Regular Express"

.*[Task Created.Task Description].*

Although I think this option is not worth the time investment. Option 1 is much better.


--Shaun Roberts

Technical Leader, Services

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