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Migration of Service/Category relationships

Migration of Service/Category relationships

We're still using ServiceMigrate with 2006.0.6.  I'm trying to figure out if the relationship between a service and a category are migrated with a service, with a category, or both. 

My use case is that currently a service is being displayed in two categories.  I want to remove it from one of those categories.  I can do that from either the category or the service to the same effect.  So now that I've removed one of the relationships, can I migrate that to another environment by migrating the category, or do I need to migrate the service? 

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Migration of Service/Category relationships

With ServiceMigrate, you can base the extract class on either services or categories. I would go with categories and modify the extract class released in extractclasses.xml as follows:

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Migration of Service/Category relationships


I have successfully moved up categories with their relationships to service.

But on the other hand I was not able to move JS with their relationship with services.

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