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Ordering Moment after Authorization

I am having JavaScript in my service which will be executed during Ordering moment - page on load. The script was executing immediately after approval.

When I checked using the JS alert(Moment) in the page load, I got the message "ordering" - when the page is getting loaded immediately after the request is approved!!!!

Has anybody noticed it? Is there any ways to handle this situation?

As an alternate, I am checking a field's value which I set during submission. If that field has any value, I am skipping the JS snippet. If it is null, then I am executing my JS script.

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Ordering Moment after Authorization

This is a known issue and the fix will be available some time soon. There is a slight timing gap for the system moment to be updated and it was treated incorrectly as "Ordering" momentarily. Your workaround looks fine to me and should acheve the same result.

Ordering Moment after Authorization

Thanks Angela.

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