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Pending Task Reporting

Pending Task Reporting

Is there any way to report on pending tasks within a service plan for a requested service?  I am interested in things like scheduled start dates and queues.  This would be used in progress reports to indicate percentage complete and predict future work loads.

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Pending Task Reporting

I apologize for the difference in the name of the fact table. I was referencing a 2008 installation. You are correct that this is named ServiceTaskFact in the 2007 version.

The status flag for a task which would meet your criteria for Pending is New. This is the initial task status. A New task has been created but is dependent upon the completion of a previous task before it can begin.

Unfortunately, in the 2007 version the Schedule Start Date for a task is not available in

Pending Task Reporting

First thing is I do not see the Service Delivery Fact table.  I see the ServiceRequestFact, ServiceTaskFact, RequistionTaskFact, and FormAtributeValueFact, but no Service Delivery Fact. 

Task Status: would be Pending or Scheduled  (meaning these task are tas

Pending Task Reporting

The Service Delivery Fact table in the custom reports data model includes the following query items:

  • Task Status: Cancelled, Skipped, Completed, Ongoing, New, Approved, Rejected, Being approved
  • Dates: Started Date Time; Due Date Time; Completed Date Time; Scheduled Date Time

Are these the sorts of query items you're looking for?

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