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Powershell scrip activity failing due to Access issue

Hi Team,

I need information regarding Access issues.Below are my scenario:


1) I have created one process in CPO.

2) Added powershell actity to run some commands in CPO.

3) Added target as CPO windows and administrator user as runtime user.

4) While running the process we are facing issue "Access is denied" or 'Target is Unreachable'


But when we run the same commands in powershell script editor it is working without any issues.

Note: Even we tried to run some simple windows commands this is not working.

Is there any addinational configurations/settings/Access permissions required to run powershell activities in CPO?


Please provide the details and let me know if any other details required.

We are using CIAC 4.0 vertion.






Cisco Employee

admin is fine. but it is a

admin is fine. but it is a local/workgroup admin? We do not support those. Maybe some screenshots would help. If not, you can open a TAC case as well.


There is no major additional permissions for PS activities. An Admin level user would cover it all normally.

Furthermore can you use another windows activity (like query service) with that target and runtime user?

--Shaun Roberts CIAC Adoption Pilot Engineering Lead
New Member

Hi Shaun, Attached is the

Hi Shaun,


Attached is the word document with the screenshots of the CPO target and Windows user configured to the target. Also the process execution which failed saying the CPO Target not reachable. It is the process to execute a simple windows command.

We also attached the screenshot of the Computer properties of the windows machine in which the CPO installed. These are the AWS EC2 instances we are using to create a lab on cloud.


Thanks & Regards,


Cisco Employee

CPO and windows based run

CPO and windows based run time users are not supported in a local or "workgroup" environment. You should not be defining a domain as an IP address.


If you want to use an "all in one" then you need to install an AD controller on it and create a single computer based domain.


Even if you can get a workgroup to function (which I have seen from time to time) it will be touchy at best and if you have issues (like the above) TAC and engineering would not assist as it is not a supported configuration.


Is there a reason why you are not using a domain? (it's in the documentation as a requirement)



--Shaun Roberts CIAC Adoption Pilot Engineering Lead
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