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Reportable Dictionary - dates missing in report

Reportable Dictionary - dates missing in report

We added one of our dictionaries to a services and migrated to production.  After the migrate we missed setting the dictionary to reportable for two days.  Now the report we have setup is missing those two days of info we pull in from this dictionary - is there something we missed or need to restart to pull this data in?  Any help would be appreciated! thanks

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Reportable Dictionary - dates missing in report

Cindy, what release is this on ? If it is an RC2006.0.x release, it might be possible to do this (although not sure if this would need to be done via a Professional Services engagement or if it could be done by customer). You might want to open a case, and reference TD 14271 as a possible solution / workaround. There are some details in that old defect report that might be relevant to this situation.

Reportable Dictionary - dates missing in report


My understanding is that you can not retrieve the data from those two days.  The changes to dictionaries are retroactive.  They are just like other parts of the service. The request is locked with the current parameters establish in the service design at the time of submission.  This is why in-flight servers are not affected when changes are migrated.  Since the dictionary was not set to reportable on those first two days the system has not captured the information and can not move it into t

Reportable Dictionary - dates missing in report

We have been able to resolve this with support, the resolution was as follows:

Update the LASTPROCESSEDTIME in the DM_FDR_ETLMETADATA table and set this value to an earlier date

Run the runETL.jsp manually or wait for the scheduler to kick off the ETL process


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Reportable Dictionary - dates missing in report

That means the ETL does not really care when a dictionary is marked reportable.  As long as a dictionary is marked reportable at the time of the ETL, and the dictionary data that was entered after LASTPROCESSEDTIME will be pulled into the datamart.

It isn't a feature per se but it is a way to take advantage of the design and behavior of the reportable dictionary ETL.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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