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Run program adapter

Peter Lee - Siemens 
8:57am, May 10 

Has anyone inquired about getting an adapter built which would allow running a program like a script or exe?

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Run program adapter

Emir (2008.1) 
10:35am, May 11 

 with the file adapter you can write to a properties file, which could have ON / OFF settings for an .exe etc ....


Enrico (newScale) 
4:46pm, May 18 

Enrico (newScale) 
4:46pm, May 18 

A rough idea: You could have a running program P1 that continuously scans a file directory for a file F1. If P1 finds F1, P1 executes F1, else do nothing. Then have a ServiceLink Agent with Outbound File Adapter that creates file F1.

New Member

Run program adapter

I've had a comparable requirement in the past and have used a similar "trick" to implement this type of functionality. In my case I created a table in a database that I would populate using the DB adapter. I then developed a VBScript to poll this table, take the action I needed and then update the status of the record in the table. I set the script as a scheduled task on a server to occur at short intervals (5 minutes was acceptable for me).

I also configured the inbound SQL on the DB adapter to close the task once the status was updated. This allows for two critical (in my case) conditions in that it permits me to confirm that the action needed was taken and allows me to "pause" the rest of the delivery plan until that activity is complete.

Given the flexibility and availability of scripting options, the above could be adapted to handle a very wide range of tasks and requirements.

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