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Service group authorization in ServiceManager

I notice that the service group authorization is carried out in the ServiceManager module. When the authorizer has approved the requisition, he/she ends up in the task overview in the ServiceManager showing all the tasks relating to the service. However, in our test the task overview we end up in relates to another requisition and not the one that has just been approved. Why is this so?

Alternatively, we would like to be able to skip the task overview but instead show the requisition status (in MyServices). Is this possible, and if so how?

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Service group authorization in ServiceManager

Hi Christine,

The only reason that a Service Group Authorization would be performed in ServiceManager would be if the URL embedded in your email template is taking the user there. Please see the current (9.1) version of the Namespace Guide (page 12) for a URL that will take the user directly to the open form in MyServices.

You will find that guide on the documentation site, here.

You will need the standard credentials to download the document:

Username: rcdocuser 
Password: b@cuWuh5

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