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Why when subscribing to threads, regardless of what you select the summary shows them as instant??
It's bad enough we have to subscribe to them all individually but now we have to go change them after the fact?


Oh and the site is slow. Feed the squirrels Ed!!!!!

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Hi Andy,

Welcome to our new digs. On the subscription frequency -- do mean that, after you select the frequency, when you go back and click Manage Subscriptions, the frequency always says "Instant"? I'm not getting that behavior, but I'll report it to iGloo Customer Care. Just want to be sure I have the description correct.

You actually don't have to subscribe to each thread/topic individually. You can go to what iGloo calls a "Channel" -- such as Site Feedback, and subscribe to the entire Channel. This way, you'll get everything posted in the Channel. I agreee, though -- I'd like the ability to just say i want a daily email digest of all activity. We'll post this as a feature request to the iGloo team.

As for the squirrels......I thought I had already fed them!! For what it's worth, I've discoverd that I get consistently better performace on this site with Firefox and Chrome than with IE.

Good to see you here :-)

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Oops.....that Yes Yes user above  is actully me (Ed) -- sorry -- I forgot I was in here doing some testing.

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....once again, I was only partially right (or partially wrong, depending upon what kind of day I'm having). I passed this item along to the nice folks here at iGloo. Here is their response:

"Subscribing to a blog channel is separate from subscribing to a blog article. This is because a user may want to see which new articles have been posted to a particular channel but not necessarily want to subscribe to each article…not all may be of interest. The second reason is that we’ve opted to make subscriptions a active choice, meaning that a user has to actively choose to subscribe to something. Rather than cascade their permission automatically, thereby forcing them to ‘unsubscribe’ to unwanted items."

I have submitted this as a feature request: 

"However, your feature request to allow cascading has been forwarded to development for consideration."

I also submitted a feature request for a daily digest:

"As for a daily digest…yes I know that GroupSwim had it! The good news is that development has started talking about this project and it has tentatively been slated for Q3 of this year. That timeline may shift but I promise to keep you posted."


Cool. Thanks Ed!!!!

Oh how I wish I could install Chrome. Life would be sooooo much better LOL. :)

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