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Task compliance set differently in Custom vs. Standard data models

Task compliance set differently in Custom vs. Standard data models

I have run examined the Task Compliance flags for the same tasks in the Standard and Custom models and have noticed for some tasks the Compliance flag is set to “0” in the Custom model ServiceTaskFact . TaskStandardComplianceFlag field while in the Standard model DM_SERVICETASKDETAIL .TASKSTDCOMPLIANCEFLAG it is set to “1”.  Looking at the ActualDuration and the PerformerActualDuration it looks as though the Flag in the Standard reports is derived from the Performer Actual Duration (based on the performer's calendar) while the Custom model is set derived from the Actual Duration (based on the customer's calendar).  

Even the definition for Task Compliance uses both Performer and Actual duration in the same definition.

“A task is determined to be in compliance with its Operating Level Agreement (OLA) by comparing the performer actual duration (number of work hours between the time it was started and the time it was marked as completed) to the default duration designated for the task. The task will be in compliance (the StandardComplianceFlag will be 1) if the actual duration is less than the default duration.”

Can anyone confirm this observation and/or explain why this is?  

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