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New Member

TES to CPO communication

I'm looking for an elegant way for TES to communicate with CPO.  Is an SNMP message the only?  Or is there an adapter available?  Or is there something I could be missing with CPO that would work?

What I'm trying to do is set up processes to run some general diagnostics on systems when either a job fails in TES or when we lose a connection within TES.

An ability for CPO to kick off a TES job as well would be great as well.  For example, a TES job fails, CPO runs some diagnostics (restarts a service, whatever) and then reruns that job that failed in TES.

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Cisco Employee

TES to CPO communication

Hi James!


You could do a lot of things. Web Services, Powershell CLI, Windows Events - CPO can trigger from them all.

My suggestion would be to use web services. CPO has a north bound web services set to start processes and do other things. The standard WSDL for processes would be http:// server>:61527/WS/Process?WSDL (assuming you are using the standard http port). You do have to activate these web services by going to file->server (in the master UI) and clicking on the web services tab and activ them there.

You can also try the powershell CLI, CPO has some build in commandlets, like "Start-TEOProcess -name "

We have guides(in the doc) on both Northbound Web Services, and Powershell. If you need some further webex type help, best to open a case. We can give you some further guidance in setting things up.

As far as CPO kicking off a TES job, TES has web services as well so you can use CPO and the Web Service Execute activity to call into TES web services to start a job. (or restart or whatever)

We(in support) thought of another neat idea that would be to use CPO to monitor your agents and your master service and then if they go down you could do automated recovery and have CPO restart them and resubmit jobs or whatever. CPO has activities called "Query Windows Service" and "Control Windows Service" that give you full control over those. (if you ran a unix master, you could do the same using some unix/linux connections and scripting there)


--Shaun Roberts CIAC Adoption Pilot Engineering Lead
New Member

TES to CPO communication

The web services sound great!  I'll have to look into that.

As far as CPO monitor the TES agents, how would I go about doing that?  It would be great to be able to set up a trigger, that as soon as the agent goes down TES would send a message or run a process in CPO.  CPO then would use the Services tools to fix/diagnose the problem.

I just can't think of any way that TES can do that (granted, I don't know nearly enough about TES's features).

Thanks for the help!

Cisco Employee

TES to CPO communication

You could do it a few ways...

(With a general Windows Idea)

In talking with Devin, we think a really neat way would be ...

1) have the TES Master right an event to your windows event log (say event # 11111) that outputs when the master loses connection to the agent

2) Create a windows target for the TES Master in CPO and then create a process to trigger off of that event ID

3) When that event ID triggers, pull out the TES Windows Agent from the event and then use the CPO NorthBound Web Services to create a windows connection to that agent(on the fly)

4) Then restart the Agent Service using Control Windows Service

5) Then delete the windows target for the agent

Just some ideas. If you need more open up a sev 4 case and we can do a webex and give some ideas.


--Shaun Roberts CIAC Adoption Pilot Engineering Lead
New Member

TES to CPO communication

No, that idea is perfect!

I posted this question in the TES section as well, but I thought I would discuss it here since it is applicable:

1) I found the ability to set certain errors to write to the Windows Event Log in the System Configuration in TES, but Lost Connection is not there.  I can do it as an action off of the the System Event that is generated when a connection is lost, but I wanted to verify that this is the best way to go about it.  The System Configuration seems like a better way, if that option is available.

2) I cannot find the variable to pass in the machine location, only the agent name, to the event.  This would be vital to letting CPO know where to fix the issue.  Passing the platform would be hugely important as well.

I know these are TES specific questions, but I thought I would ask here just in case.  Maybe some one else might find this useful later on as well (as I've found other people's posts useful)