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Validator on Literal lists, Fetch and Data Retrieval

Validator on Literal lists, Fetch and Data Retrieval

We're in a bit of a pickle and are trying to get a handle with our use of the Validator function(s) within the system.


We have 3 types of fields in use:
- Fields returned by Dynamic Data Retrieval rules
- Fields returned by rcFetch
- Literal lists

DDR's always return '- - -';
We have been updating our rcFetch'd lists to prepend the lists with '- - -' instead of '--Select One--' to try and be as standard as possible.
We have also been updating our Literal lists with this value too, for consistency.

Since we've been transitioning some of our rcFetches to DDR, we've found that the validator rules we had in place are not functioning and now fields that we have set as mandatory are being submitted with just '- - -'.

I've found references on page 6 of the AFC guide for 2008.1 that when a field is set Mandatory that it should halt submission of forms where the field is blank; does this extend to '- - -'.

In the older ISF training guide (2007) there was reference in page 145 to adding an onLoad function to validate text where 'Select One' is in place.

In order to get the validator working for all 3 field types (DDR, rcFetch, Literals); should this all work out of the box with the notes above - or did each of you need to go above and beyond that and add code? 

I've seen related links at:

We're just trying to make it work for all our relevant field types, and I believe in the past we had some Prof Services work done on our validator which we're trying to get up to speed on.

Appreciate any pointers/insights from any other RC users!



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