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Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

I have a service where there are five service group authorizations.  When viewing the submitted requisition as a customer, the following delivery process is presented:

--- Delivery Process ---
Service Group Authorization (Status = In Progress)
Delivery project for <<Service Name>> (Status = Pending)

I was not able to locate where the customer can view the approval workflow.  There is just one line in the delivery process (Service Group Authorization) indicating approvals are in process.  The customer does not know how many approvers or who is approving.

Emails could be sent after each approval, but this still does not address the concept of the self service by checking the status of the request online.

Is there a way to view the approval workflow as a customer?

  • Intelligent Automation
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Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

Hi David,

There is not currently a way to display or view the workflow for authorizations in MyServices. You are correct that the customer can only see the one entry for "Service Group Authorization" on the requisition status page. This entry really isn't in reference to a particular authorization task, but rather to the entire Process Milestone/Moment for Service Group Authorizations.

This would be a great item to add to the Feature Request group, and also to submit as a formal feature reque

Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

A feature request has been submitted via our SalesForce account.

Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

Darwin - When an enhancement is submitted a reference number is provided.  I am not aware if the requestor is notified of an approved enhancment request ahead of a release.

New Member

Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

David, Do you know if newScale communicates if a feature request was approved for release? Do customers just have the ability to track their individual feature requests?

Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

Just adding to David's reply:  

Customers can use the reference number provided by newScale Customer Care to get updates/status on feature requests.

  • During their monthly/quarterly/semiannual call with NCC (frequency determined by their support contract), customers can ask for status on those feature requests. Typically, your customer care representative will also provide this status to you in a spreadsheet/email prior to your meeting.
  • In the Release Notes for all major releases,
New Member

Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

Hello, I have a question and want to add to the discussion regarding viewing approval workflow. 

Can a service team approve the workflow if they are configured to be “recipients of escalation emails” if approver does not approve their task? Let say we have an aged REQ, an escalation emai has been sent notifying the approver their REQ needs to be approved and the second receipent is a person or queue who recieves the late task notification at that point can the receipent orther than the approver app

Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

Hi Bev,

An Escalation in RequestCenter is only an email notification -- there is no other system behavior associated with an Escalation. So, to your sepcific question, being the recipient of an Escalation notification does not change either rights or ownership of a task. Therefore, a person or queue receiving an Escalation notification about a task will not be able to to anything with that task that they couldn't already do before they received the notification.

Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

Bev Boden 
12:38pm, May 13

Hi Ed,
I have another question or maybe there is a workaround for approving aged REQ (other than creating an approval queue or sending out escalation notice to non-approvers to follow-up with approvers...) We have a requirement if the first approver is unavailable for X number of days then a second approver should have the ability to approve the REQ.  

Ed Contini
1:21pm, May 13

Hi Bev,
Other than the 2 approaches you mention -- an approval queue and/or the use of escalations -- I'm afraid there isn't a way to address this today.

Viewing Approval Workflow as a Customer

We have submitted a feature request long time ago and still are waiting for this requirement to be implemented.   My hopes is Ver 10 with the myServices module rewrite.   RequestCenter does a poor job of keeping the clients informed from a "self service" concept on where their request is in the process.   This is driving our helpdesk crazy which costs IT $$$!!!

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