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Workflows/Rules/Actions during Task Management

Is there a rule action or ISF function that can be attached when someone takes actions against tasks and will also allow setting the status of a Task and requisition?

During service delivery phase, and when performing work against tasks, only options seems to be "Done" or "Cancel" (if allow "Cancel" administrative option is enabled).

Problem is there is no logic that can be added to the whole Task and service delivery lifecycle. There are some limited things that can be done by using service form based fields, rules, and ISF during service delivery moment, however, depending on the page and/or module you have open and are working from, the experience is not consistent and there are still no conditions or actions that can manipulate the Task and Requisition itself.

For example, how can following use cases be addressed?

- Up on completing or cancelling an authorization/review/task, some fields (hidden or visible) needs to be updated with some values, depending on the action (Done, Cancel) taken.

- Depending on some field values or action taken, when completing/Approving or cancelling/Rejecting an authorization/review/task, the status of that task needs to be changed to something else.

- Depending on some field values or action taken, when completing/Approving or cancelling/Rejecting an authorization/review/task, the status of the next/subsequent tasks needs to be changed to something else and/or the execution of the next/subsequent task needs to be controlled (i.e. if the previous task was cancelled or depending on some field value, the next task needs to be skipped or cancelled as well).

Service Manager module and task management seems to be lacking in general... how are other people liking the task management and service manager module?

Also, the way Done/Approve/Reject/Cancel buttons work is not very intuitive...

First, there is no confirmation for the action (either before or after) to know what you are doing is actually what you want to do, and once you click the button, that the action was actually performed.

Second, why are these named "Done" and "Cancel"? If I am just viewing the task details, it is very confusing and easy to click on Done or Cancel intending to just close the task that was just "opened" and go back (especially when there is no clear action that "closes" the opened task and goes back a step). Unless you know from performing these actions before, people will get confused because there are multiple interpretations of what "Done" and "Cancel" can mean depending on context; i.e. Clicking "Done" would typically indicate I am done looking at the task and just want to close this window and go back. And clicking "Cancel" would typically mean I am cancelling what I was going to do and just want to close this and go back to where I was (that is what Cancel typically indicates in various tools/applications. Labels of these actions I think should be more explicit to indicate these are actions against the task itself and its status, not actions related to UI/UX.

Finally, the placement of these actionable buttons (i.e. where Approve/Reject buttons are located) are not consistent between the modules and views, resulting in inconsistent user experience.

Thank you.

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