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404 error from local nsdb in secmon 2.2

I use CiscoWorks Common Services with SP3 2.2, IPS Management Center 2.2 and Security Monitor 2.2

Several months back, Cisco filed a bug (CSCsb29404) called “Wrong link to NSDB signatures in IDSMC 2.1 and SecMon”

I have just installed a 2.3 server. I applied the patch “idsmdc2.1.0-win-CSCsc336961” and then installed fcs-IDSMDC-v2.2-win-K9.exe.

In IPS MC/SecMon 2.2, I am experiencing the same problem. I receive a 404 message when I request information regarding the sigid from the local server.

Can anyone confirm to me that it works in their installation or is this a bug again?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 404 error from local nsdb in secmon 2.2

sipd.conf file directives configured as follows, ServerType Redirect, Cisco_Registry Off, and SipResolveLocalContactsInRedirectMode Off, cause the Cisco SIP Proxy Server to send a "400 Bad Request" with a "Server mode conflicts with request-Disposition" request line response when it should send a "404 Not Found" response.

This problem occurs because when a SIP INVITE request is received by the proxy and fails a registry lookup (for example, the module is disabled). The proxy attempts to do a route lookup and sees that SIPResolveLocalContactsInRedirectMode is set to Off

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