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5.1(5)E1 unsupported hardware (4235)

After upgrading 4235 platform to 5.1(5) E1 it gives at startup the following error


This Cisco Systems IDS software version is not supported on this

hardware platform. Some capabilities will not be available.

For assistance, contact Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center.


There is no license key installed on the system.

The system will continue to operate with the currently installed

Signature set. A valid license must be obtained in order to apply

Signature updates. Please go to

to obtain a new license or install a license.

Also it can't produce any alert, although it was give alert in the previous version (4),

Find attached for show tech

Cisco Employee

Re: 5.1(5)E1 unsupported hardware (4235)

The sensor software is detecting a problem with the hardware.

The sensor is not able to validate that this hardware was an official 4235 purchased from Cisco.

Check the BIOS and ensure that A04 is the BIOS version. If it is A03 then upgrade to A04:

One of the validation checks is to verify that the correct BIOS is loaded.

There were also a series of repairs that happened 2 or 3 years ago on the IDS-4235 in which some information on replaced Mother Boards may not have been programmed correctly. Without that information the software can not determine the serial number and a license will not be able to be installed.

If upgrading to BIOS A04 didn't fix it, or if BIOS A04 is already loaded, then you will need to contact the TAC and request an RMA of your hardware.

You will also need to ensure your support contract is up to date. You need the support contract so you can get a license and install the latest signature updates.

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Re: 5.1(5)E1 unsupported hardware (4235)

Thanks marcabl, I downloaded the BIOS upgrade version but while booting and get to the disk it gives me the following error


System name mismatches

Press any key to exit

ROM update not performed

Note the BIOS version appears while loading BIOS revision 11

Cisco Employee

Re: 5.1(5)E1 unsupported hardware (4235)

The A04 BIOS can only be installed on top of the A03 BIOS.

Without the A04 BIOS the sensor software will consider it invalid hardware.

A BIOS other than A03 or A04 has been seen on a small number of units in the field where either the wrong BIOS was put on during the manufacturing process (happened to a small number of units) or users on their own have upgraded the BIOS to an unsupported version.

You will need to contact the TAC (helpdesk) to have the sensor RMA'd.

If it doesn't have BIOS A03 you will not be able to upgrade it to A04 in the field.

You will need the Cisco serial number and service contract number handy when you request the RMA.

Just so you know:

RMA = Return Material Authorization - this is the name of the process that TAC uses to replace faulty equipment in the field.

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