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Accessing IDSM from 6500

I am having trouble with an IDSM in a 6500. I recently installed an IDSM in my 6500. I had used the IDSM elsewhere in my network. I sessioned into the IDSM and decided to clear the configuration and start fresh since the IDSM will be monitoring new networks. From the IDSM I issued the erase current-config command and reset (rebooted) the IDSM. Now from the 6500 I show the IDSM to be powered down. My trouble is getting the IDSM to power up. How? I see several boot options but have not been able to get the IDSM to power up.

example: hw-module module 8 boot (config-register, eobc, flash, rom-monitor).


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Re: Accessing IDSM from 6500

I was able to look at the module/blade. The IDSM module did not show any status/shutdown lights. I removed and reset the IDSM in the 6500. The IDSM powered up and I now have access.

Cisco Employee

Re: Accessing IDSM from 6500

For future reference hdd:1 is the partition you wanted:

hw-module module module_number reset hdd:1

But you could also just leave off the hdd:1, and it should boot the default (which is hdd:1 for the IDSM-2):

hw-module module module_number reset

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