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AIP-SSM-20...beginner question

Setting up a test lab with a new ASA 5540 with the AIP-SSM-20 module installed.

ASA is up and running passing traffic for several workstations.

AIP-SSM is installed and UP. I can open a session to the sensor through an SSH connection to the ASA, and have run setup, giving the sensor an IP address on the same subnet as my workstation.

Problem is, I cannot ping the sensor and ASDM cannot connect to the sensor through the IP address I assigned.

I do not have anything plugged into the Ethernet port on the SSM. Is this a problem, or should I still be able to connect to the IDM through HTTPS?

I created the ACL to allow any IP on this subnet.

Any ideas? I can post configs if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: AIP-SSM-20...beginner question


You have to have the mgm port on IPS connected to your network. The IP you configured using setup commando will work on that interface.

You also have to permit your workstation to access IPS. This is possible using setup commando too.

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