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Analysis Engine Not running

When i do "sh ver" over an IDS 4250XL 5.1(1)S243.0 it appears:


AnalysisEngine 2006_Feb_08_13.09 (Release) 2006-02-08T13:52:38-0600 NotRunning


What does it imply? How can i start it?


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Re: Analysis Engine Not running

If the ananlysis engine is not running, your sensor is not analyzing dumped traffic (and is therefore useless).... To get it started, follow the steps below.

1. Create a service account user in CLI or IDM

2. Login using service account in CLI

3. Switch to root user by typing su and service account pwd

4. Type the following command at bash-2.05b# prompt: /etc/init.d/cids restart

5. To check if the sensor is "up" again, type su cisco. Then do a show version.

6. If you still experience issues, exit back to the service account and type reboot.

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Jay Walker

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Re: Analysis Engine Not running

Thank you. It works with an IDS 4250, but with an IDS 4250XL is stopped again almost inmediately (what i do not understand.

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Re: Analysis Engine Not running

Were you upgrading to 5.1? Check if you have a license. We also have seen this behavior with AEs with a very diferent date than the other two services. Unfortunatelly we have reimaged those sensors to recover them.

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