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Application log at 96%

Just upgraded my IPS4255 to version 7.0(1)E3. No problem with the upgrade. Did notice in IDM under sensor health dashboard the application log is now 96%, but it is still "green."

Does this clear out on it's own or is there something I have to do manually?


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Re: Application log at 96%

In the Sensor Health pane, you can configure the metrics that are used to determine the health and network security status of the IPS. The results show up in the Home pane in the various gadgets.

If you do not select a metric by checking the check box, it does not show up in the health and network security status results. You can accept the default configuration or edit the values.

The overall health is set to the most critical settings of any of the metrics. For instance, if all the selected metrics are green except for one that is red, the overall health becomes red. The IPS produces a health and security status event when the overall health status of the IPS changes.

The security status of the sensor is determined for each virtual sensor using the threat ratings of events detected by the virtual sensors. The security status of the virtual sensor is raised when the virtual sensor detects an event with a threat rating that exceeds the threshold for that virtual sensor. Once a threshold has been exceeded, the security status remains at a critical level until the configured amount of time has passed with no more events being detected at the higher level.

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Re: Application log at 96%

Thank you for the reply. What I really want to know is how do I clear out the application log file? Or does the sensor do that automatically after a certain period of time.

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