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ASA IPS SSM Reputation Filtering/Global Correlation

I was having a hard time finding some information on the flow of a packet through an inspection engine with reputation filtering and global correlation turned on. I know the reputation filtering kicks in first, but what comes next, the inspection or the correlation? Also, what is the default setting out of the box for the correlation, on or off? I have seen conflicting information for this.


Re: ASA IPS SSM Reputation Filtering/Global Correlation

The Global Correlation feature uses network reputation scores in two  different but complementary ways. First, the reputation of the source  of a new flow is tested and the flow is denied without further  processing if the reputation is bad. Second, the flow is passed through  traditional IPS inspection engines. These engines determine the threat  potential of the flow based on the sensor's policy configuration, and  assign a risk rating to the flow. The risk rating is then modified to  take into account the reputation of the flow's source. If the resultant  risk rating is above a threshold, the flow is denied (or an alternate  action is taken, depending on the policy configuration). This process is  depicted in     Figure 1.

Figure 1. Global Correlation on Cisco IPS

Thus, bad traffic denied by a Cisco IPS sensor falls into three categories:

• Global Correlation Reputation Filtering: Based on reputation alone. Flow is not passed to the traditional inspection engines.

• Global Correlation Inspection:  Based on a combination of traditional inspection and network reputation  information. The risk rating mechanism combines the two threat signals.

• Traditional IPS Detection:  Based on traditional inspection techniques, including protocol decoding  engines, signature based inspection, and anomaly detection via  statistical analysis of network traffic. In this case, network  reputation information for the traffic flow is not available or does not  have an effect on the flow.

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