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Can CSA permit read only access to the registry

Hi Can CSA be configured to permit read only access to registry settings and still block write access.

As far as I can tell I need to grant write access as well as read.

Many thanks

Ian Vickery


Re: Can CSA permit read only access to the registry

Registry access control rules (Windows only)

The behavior analysis creates these rule types but disables them by default. Registry access control rules are very powerful system control tools. Restricting access to a required registry key could produce undesired results.

The behavior analysis creates Registry Set variables based on the registry resources accessed during the logging period. These registry variables are broken into those that should be allowed and those that can be denied. Those allowed are registry keys accessed during the logging period. All others fall in the deny range. This deny applies only to write access. All registry keys are still allowed read access. You can enable these rules, but you should understand the restrictions you are imposing.

Use Registry Key Summary reports to help refine these rules, if needed.

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