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CISCO 2851 with IPS configuration

Hi guys,i'm planning to do an IOS IPS configuration on a newly purchased 2851 router, the spec as below:


CISCO 2800 AdvanceIPservice :Version 12.4(15)T10

64MB CF default


My problem right now is,when i tried to configure the IPS feature,the SDM Express ver2.5 doesn't have the IPS tabs that allow me to configure. I noticed and highly suspected that is due to the express version of SDM,instead of the full/enhanced version of SDM. I tried download the full version SDM from Cisco,the file size is 14MB, and my current CF free space is only remaining 7MB.The IOS itself has used up 51MB. So i'm going to advice my customer that running IPS on the router is not possible due to the limited CF size. Can someone who experience in IPS correct me if i'm wrong. I'm fresh in security area.

PS:i know workaround is to installed CSM on a workstation then to configure and manage this router.



Re: CISCO 2851 with IPS configuration

The easiest way is to configure via the CLI. Here's a link on how to do that.

Hope it helps.

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Re: CISCO 2851 with IPS configuration

Hi Collin,

Thank for your adviced.I did read thru the configuration that you posted. One line which i'm not clear about is that:

"copy flash:/IOS-S302-CLI.pkg idconf"

Where is this idconf?Is a flash folder or somewhere?why do we need to copy the signature file to this idconf? Or,my guess,is this idconf referred to "flash:/ips"?


Re: CISCO 2851 with IPS configuration

The idconf is a keyword, not a file.

Per Cisco- Issue the copy url idconf command to instruct the router where to load a signature file.

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