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New Member

CS-MARS: How do you backup the configuration?

So you do all this work yet is there a simple method of backing up your configuraiton so you could restore the device should it fail. I my case the events could be lost but I would like to at least have all my groups and settings available if need to restore the device.

New Member

Re: CS-MARS: How do you backup the configuration?

There is a fairly simple way to accomplish this tast. Look further into the documentation specifically reguarding the data archiving. Once data archiving is setup, to restore the pnrestore command is utilized. There are a few options when using the pnrestore command.

Here is the options:

[pnadmin]$ pnrestore ?

Usage: pnrestore options

-h --help Display this usage information.

-m --mode Restoring mode. Enter 1 (default) to restore config only, 2 to restore both config and events, or 5 to restore config from local image.

-t --time Restore the data dated from this time (in 'MM/DD/YY:HH' format).

-p --data_path Name of the directory where the archived data are stored.


pnrestore -m 1 -p nfs_server_ip:/nfs_export/pnarchive -t 06/03/03:0

so in your case, you want to do a pnrestore -m 1 /data location.

It is not as robust as I would like to see, but it functions as designed.

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