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CSA 4.5 on Windows 2000 breaks Windows domain association

We are having an issue where certain Windows 2000 servers and workstations are losing their domain association after installing CSA. This appears to be happening on servers and workstations in production as well as "new builds". However, two identical new-build machines may be sitting side-by-side, and only one will experience this. In order to correct the issue, we must log into the PC and re-join it to the domain.

Using CSA v4.5-1 build 649. Windows 2000 SP4.


Re: CSA 4.5 on Windows 2000 breaks Windows domain association

Any messages being generated when this happens, either Agent, CSAMC or Windows Event logs?

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Re: CSA 4.5 on Windows 2000 breaks Windows domain association

What does the Event Log say? Are any windows services being blocked by default policies or any of your policies? It does not seem to be a rules issue on the face of it if you can manually re-join the domain unless you have different policies among the machines. Are all of these machines getting policies that have been tuned for your environemnt? Any log info will help. You may want to consider creating a group with no rules just to track and log the problem machines. Also, the standard TAC suggestion may apply:have you considered upgrading or at least testing v5.1r74 in the lab for contrast? There were lots of bugs in 4.5-1.

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