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CSA 5.1 Agent Installation on Microsoft Clusters with Teamed Broadcom NICs

I'm searching all over for information on installing CSA 5.1 agent on Microsoft Clusters with Teamed Broadcom NICs, but I can't find any information other than "this is supported" in the installation guide.

Does anyone know if there is a process or procedure that should be followed to install this? For example, some questions that come to mind are:

- Do the cluster services are needed to be stopped?

- Should the cluster be broken and then rebuilt?

- Is there any documentation indicating this configuration is approved by Microsoft?

- Are there case studies or other documentation on previous similar installations and/or lessons learned?

Thanks in advance,



Re: CSA 5.1 Agent Installation on Microsoft Clusters with Teamed


Re: CSA 5.1 Agent Installation on Microsoft Clusters with Teamed

Ken, you might just end up being the case study! Do you have a non-production cluster to with?

If not and you already completed pilot testing, you probably have an idea of what you want to do with the agent. Do you have to stop the cluster for other software installations? I guess you might ask MS about breaking the cluster it since it's their cluster.

The only caveat I've seen with teamed NICs is when the agent tries to contact the MC it may timeout a few times. You could probably increase the polling time if this happens.

I'd create an agent kit that belongs to a group in test mode with minimal or no policies attached to test first and install it on one of the nodes. If that works ok you could gradually increase the policies and rules until you are comfortable that it is tuned correctly and then switch to protect mode.

Hope this helps...

Tom S

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