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CSA 5.2 MC install issues

I am attempting to install the 5.2 CSA MC on a Windows 2003 server w/ SQL 2005 locally.

The SQL server permissions are tightened down, but my login has complete access to the server (both OS and SQL server). I also followed the install instructions for the local install w/ SQL 2005.

However, during the install, after being questioned about rebooting after install, I get the following in my install log.

"[1-24-2008 08:54:50]: Setup is checking for the existence of other customer databases

[1-24-2008 08:54:50]: Resuming service MSSQLSERVER

[1-24-2008 08:54:50]: --8-- Start Process Log ==> net.exe

[1-24-2008 08:54:50]: The SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service was continued successfully.

[1-24-2008 08:54:50]: --8-- End Process Log ==> net.exe

[1-24-2008 08:54:50]: An ERROR occurred executing the database counting query. Work file 'dbcount.tmp' data conversion failed. First record should be numeric. Query result message is : < Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Server SQLSERVER1, Line 1 Invalid object name 'sysdatabases'. >

[1-24-2008 08:54:57]: ERROR: Setup has encountered an error interpreting the results from an internal SQL query. Query result message is : < Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Server SQLSERVER1, Line 1 Invalid object name 'sysdatabases'. > Setup will now abort.

[1-24-2008 08:54:57]: Exiting from the setup..."

Anybody have a similar issue? Any ideas?


Re: CSA 5.2 MC install issues

Hi Matt,

When you say "The SQL server permissions are tightened down", is this something additional that you or the DB admin did to secure the database?

Are the default system databases still present?


New Member

Re: CSA 5.2 MC install issues

Thanks for the response.

Yes the default DB were present. The tightening is actually only tightening permissions to the SQL server and the databases.

After getting my DBAs to give my login and a domain service account, complete access to the SQL server, I was able to do the install.

However, once the install completed the services would not start. This is because they were starting under the Local System account. I changed the CSA services to use the aforementioned service account. The CSA services then worked correctly and are still working correctly. I have tightened down the database/SQL server access to those prescribed in the install guide.

But the root cause of my issue here was the "Local System" account being denied access to the SQL server.


Re: CSA 5.2 MC install issues

So is the moral of the story that the DBAs should leave you and CSA alone?

New Member

Re: CSA 5.2 MC install issues

Ya, that's about it. They are doing a good job though.

I've ran into this issue with other products as well. No vendor is prepared to install in a properly tightened down SQL environment. In this case, I have the CSA agent to protect the server. But on another product install the box was somewhat vulnerable.

Thanks for the help!


Re: CSA 5.2 MC install issues

You can count on some things being programmed with the least security because it provides more functionality with less work.

We get to clean up afterward or explain to programmers and users why their browser app doesn't work after the last security update.



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