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CSA Registration Problems

I have many problems with the csa 4.5.1.x. When i installed the csa on any client workstation, the csa can not synchronize with the csa mc. The communication between the two peers is ok. I can telnet to the ssl port 443 and the communication port 5401. In the troubleshooting csa log message i can see the following failure:

[2005-11-30 17:47:48.703] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: conn_check: dns : resolved mgmtserver name to

[2005-11-30 17:47:48.703] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: conn_check: https : mgmtserver is not reachable via https

[2005-11-30 17:47:48.703] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: conn_check: finished

[2005-11-30 17:48:17.875] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: Performing fast poll...

[2005-11-30 17:48:17.875] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: inquire_config_status: exit: Agent is not registered.

[2005-11-30 17:48:17.953] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: Failed transaction, url=, curlerr=60 (SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK).

[2005-11-30 17:48:17.953] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: Registering with server, Failure (1)

[2005-11-30 17:48:17.953] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: inquire_config_status: exit: Agent is not registered.

[2005-11-30 17:48:18.046] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: Failed transaction, url=, curlerr=60 (SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK).

[2005-11-30 17:48:18.046] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: Registering with server, Failure (1)

[2005-11-30 17:48:18.046] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: inquire_config_status: exit: Agent is not registered.

[2005-11-30 17:48:18.140] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: Failed transaction, url=, curlerr=60 (SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK).

[2005-11-30 17:48:18.140] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: Registering with server, Failure (1)

[2005-11-30 17:48:18.140] [PID=288] [Csamanager]: Performing fast poll...Failure (1).

The reason is a certificate failure. When i want to generate a new certificate in the VMS menue, i get the message "this certificate is from third party ca". I don't now what this system mean. I have the complete system new installed with the same success. Who can i generate a new certificate which the system use for client package? When i install the csa on the vms server, i get no problems and all working.

The vms system what i use has the version number 2.3.




Re: CSA Registration Problems

Complete the registration information for the Cisco Security Agent license keys by referring to License Key Registration steps

Note: Make sure to enter your correct email ID, as your license keys will be emailed to you.

When you receive your license from Cisco, copy it to the system where you are installing CSA MC, or to a file share accessible from the CSA MC system.

You can copy the license to CSA MC during the product installation. During the installation, you are prompted to copy the license into the CSA MC directory. If you choose ''YES'', you can browse to the license file on the system (or in an accessible file share), save it, and continue the installation. Or you can choose ''NO'' when prompted and copy the license when the installation has completed and the system is rebooted.

If you did not copy your license to the CSA MC directory when you were prompted during the installation, you can copy your license to CSA MC as shown:

Click Maintenance in the menu bar and select License Information. The License Information window appears.

Browse to the license file by clicking Browse.

Once the license file is located, click Upload to copy the file into the CSA MC directory.

The CSA license should appear as: csaxxxxxxxxxxx.lic , with the xs as placeholders for the numbers.

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