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CSM 3.1 on VMWare?

Anyone running CSM on VMWare?

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Re: CSM 3.1 on VMWare?

yes, it works fine under ESX 3.0.1 at least for the smaller license versions -- I'm not sure how well it would scale though for 50+ managed devices and you have to pay careful attention to security/high availability of the virtual machine. My understanding is that Cisco hasnt given any indication that vmware would be a supported environment for CSM.


Re: CSM 3.1 on VMWare?

I'm trying to get CSM 3.1 to run under GSX Server 3.1.0, it crashes during the installation when attempting to install

What were your VM settings for RAM and HD space?

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Re: CSM 3.1 on VMWare?

I experienced the same thing under Xen. The only workaround we could find was to stop Cisco Security Agent from being installed. There are two ways to do this:

1) Trick CSM into thinking that CSA is already installed (export the keys from another machine that has CSA installed)

2) Install CSM in Win2003 64 (CSA doesn't install automatically in 64 bits env)


Re: CSM 3.1 on VMWare?

I've had CSM 3.0.1 give me a lot of headaches and error messages running under VMware, but CSM 3.1 and 3.1.1 run fine. I'm running the free VMware on Windows 2003 server. CSM works well with a few devices even if you limit the guest OS memory to under a meg.

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