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downgrading IDS-4215 from 5.x to 4.x

Hi all,

I need to downgrade/reimage a 4215 sensor from 5.x to 4.x. But I cannot seem to find any good documentation on how to do this? Can anyone please point me to the right documentation or hints?

Kind regards

Kelvin Dam

Cisco Employee

Re: downgrading IDS-4215 from 5.x to 4.x

There is not a way to 'downgrade' from 5.x to 4.x. You will need to recover your sensor image if you want to get back to the 4.x version.

New Member

Re: downgrading IDS-4215 from 5.x to 4.x

Ok, but I need to use the "downgrade" command to upload an 4.x application-image first right?

And then use "recover" afterwards?

Kind regards


Cisco Employee

Re: downgrading IDS-4215 from 5.x to 4.x


You will not be able to use "downgrade" or "recover" to go from 5.x back to 4.x.

The version 5.0 upgrade changed too many things on the system for the version 5.0 CLI commands to be used in getting back to 4.x.

So you have to use a method outside of the standard 5.0 CLI commands to get back to 4.x.

In the case of the IDS-4215 this means using a System Image file installed from ROMMON, and using ROMMON commands instead of the standard IPS commands.

The System Image installed from ROMMON will completely reformat the harddrive in the system (wiping away all 5.x files), and install a completely new image on the sensor.

You will need console access on the IDS-4215 in order to perform the System Re-image with a 4.x System Image.

You will need to download the IDS-4215 System Image file 4.1(4a) from this directory:

Filename to download:


ROMMON will need to tftp the System Image file, so you will need to place the file on a tftp server that the sensor can access.

Instructions for performing the System Re-image are documented in the corresponding readme file in that same download directory:


The instructions are also documented in the 4.1 Configuration Guide:

New Member

Re: downgrading IDS-4215 from 5.x to 4.x

Ok, thx the both of you for valuable information.



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