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download csa for solaris


i am to deploy csa on some solaris 9 servers (dns,mgt,mail...etc...).how can i download the csa?is there any discripancy when the csa is installing on the servers?


Re: download csa for solaris

This is from the Cisco Press book on CSA, though these instructions are also available on CCO.

1. You need a valid license for servers installed on the CSA Management Console (CSAMC).

2. Create a Solaris kit on the (CSAMC).

3. The installation on your Solaris box is accomplished via the CLI by someone with Superuser rights.

4. Web into the CSAMC to retrieve the Solaris kit you created.

5. Unpack the archive and install to the default directory /opt/CSCOcsa by using the following commands:

tar xf CSA-Server_5.2.0-setup.tar (whatever version you decide to use)

pkgadd -a CSCOcsa/reloc/cfg/admin-d

6. reboot

Hope this helps.

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Re: download csa for solaris

The CSA-MC builds all the agent kits. You must download them from the CSA-MC. 5.2 has a link on the logon page which is helpful.

After that you can upload the files suing what ever standard method you company uses.

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Re: download csa for solaris


so you mean as far as i get the CSA MC from the cisco site, no separate licence is required from cisco for my Solaris servers?


Re: download csa for solaris

No, you must purchase blocks of server and/or desktop licenses from Cisco. They are added incrementally to the CSAMC to enable support for the agents. One agent is also installed on the CSAMC itself and counts against the total number of server licenses you have purchased.

From the book I previously mentioned this is a paraphrase:

As agents are installed with the agent kit executable installer, the first task of the agent is to register with the CSAMC. During the attempt at registration the CSAMC checks as to whether there are any available licenses for the agent, and, if so, allows registration and decrements the available licenses by one.

Hope this helps.

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Re: download csa for solaris

aha..i see

i have a cisco login and i have downloaded the CSA MC 5.2. i haven't started the installation yet. as i can see from the guide, agent kits will be generated for the servers. and you are saying that this all alone will not take me the full agent installation unless i buy licenses, yes?


Re: download csa for solaris

Yes. I'd also look at the release notes:

"The Management Center for Cisco Security Agents CD contains a license key which is used to operate the MC itself. If you need further license keys, before deploying Cisco Security Agents, you should obtain a license key from Cisco. To receive your license key, you must use the Product Authorization Key (PAK) label

affixed to the claim certificate for CSA MC located in the separate licensing


To obtain a production license, register your software at the following web site.

After registration, the software license will be sent to the email address that you

provided during the registration process."

The lowest price entry point is the Start Bundle:

"The Cisco Security Agent Version 5.1 Starter Bundle is a low-cost entry point for initial server and desktop deployments within an enterprise, or for small to medium-size businesses. It contains:

Management Center for Cisco Security Agents

1 Cisco Security Agent for servers

10 Cisco Security Agents for desktops

Incremental agents can be purchased for use with the Cisco Security Agent Starter Bundle."

At one point you could download a demo version of this product but I don't see it on CCO. Maybe someone else could point the way.

Hope this helps.

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Re: download csa for solaris

thanks pmccubbin,

it is really helpful.

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