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Error connecting to sensor. error loading sensor.

Hi all,

I have brand new ASA 5525-X firewall and IPS Security Services Processor ( ASA5525-IPS). There is no any configuration in both devices. I try manage the both device using ASDM-IDM. I can able to access the firewall using default management IP address. But while i try to access IPS

"Error connecting to sensor. error loading sesor" massege is coming. I try to ping IPS management ip address from my pc but i unable to ping.

Please any one can help me to resolve this issue.

ciscoasa(config)# sh module

Mod Card Type                                    Model              Serial No.
--- -------------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------
  0 ASA 5525-X with SW, 8 GE Data, 1 GE Mgmt, AC ASA5525           
ips ASA 5525-X IPS Security Services Processor   ASA5525-IPS       

Mod MAC Address Range                 Hw Version   Fw Version   Sw Version    
--- --------------------------------- ------------ ------------ ---------------
  0 7c69.f68f.b2b3 to 7c69.f68f.b2bc  1.0          2.1(9)8      8.6(1)2
ips 7c69.f68f.b2b1 to 7c69.f68f.b2b1  N/A          N/A          7.1(4)E4

Mod SSM Application Name           Status           SSM Application Version
--- ------------------------------ ---------------- --------------------------
ips IPS                            Up               7.1(4)E4

Mod Status             Data Plane Status     Compatibility
--- ------------------ --------------------- -------------
  0 Up Sys             Not Applicable       
ips Up                 Up                   

Mod License Name   License Status  Time Remaining
--- -------------- --------------- ---------------
ips IPS Module     Enabled         perpetual    

ciscoasa(config)# sh module ips details
Getting details from the Service Module, please wait...

Card Type:          ASA 5525-X IPS Security Services Processor
Model:              ASA5525-IPS
Hardware version:   N/A
Serial Number:     
Firmware version:   N/A
Software version:   7.1(4)E4
MAC Address Range:  7c69.f68f.b2b1 to 7c69.f68f.b2b1
App. name:          IPS
App. Status:        Up
App. Status Desc:   Normal Operation
App. version:       7.1(4)E4
Data Plane Status:  Up
Status:             Up
License:            IPS Module  Enabled  perpetual
Mgmt IP addr:                                                
Mgmt Network mask:                                              
Mgmt Gateway:                                                
Mgmt web ports:     443                                                        
Mgmt TLS enabled:   true




Error connecting to sensor. error loading sensor.

Hello Mani,

The network setup on this modules is different than previously so my recommendation is follow the next link, determine which will be your network setup and finally configure everything as properly

Then U should be good,

For more information about Core and Security Networking follow my website at

Any question contact me at


Julio Carvajal Segura

Julio Carvajal
Senior Network Security and Core Specialist
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