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Error on SSM-10

Okay this is my first try at setting up an ASA-SSM10 module. I have my ASA configured and passing traffic. I started to configure the SSM module. I got into the CLI via the ASA session command. I configured the IP address and can ping it from a PC on the network, but when I try to go into the GUI from the ASA ASDM I get the following error.

Error connecting to sensor, error loading sensor.

Also I did a  sh module and it says everything is up.

Any idea what I am missing.


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Re: Error on SSM-10

Are you able to directly access the IDM from the PC where you can ping it from?

You can use the browser and browse to https://

Assuming that you can ping the module, that means the port on the module is connected to your network.

When you setup the ip address on the SSM module, did you also configure the access-list on any ip address or subnet where you can manage the module from? If you haven't configured the allowed list to manage the module, you won't be able to manage the module via GUI.

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Re: Error on SSM-10


you need to allow ASA ip also in IPS access-list then only you will be able to connect to IPS gui from ASA ASDM.


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