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Exporting (custom) signatures

After having worked with an AIP-10 for a while I was wondering if there is a way to import/export signatures. This would of course be primarily custom sigs as there is little use in exchanging what we all have in common.

I did not find it in the GUI. Perhaps it is a possibility to cut/paste the CLI data but this is not a "clean" solution. Creating an easy way to exchange signatures could in my opinion enlarge the possibilities to tune a multi-sensor environment manually.

Also the possibility to exchange signatures could give a positive impulse to spreading the use of this versatile solution. I am pretty positive about the AIP possibilities and flexibility.

Cisco might not be too enthousiastic about allowing/creating this option, they would rather push their own solution with service contracts and auto-update service via the Internet.



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Re: Exporting (custom) signatures

Cisco IDS Director for UNIX version 2.2.2 supports exporting log files to a remote FTP server. The IDS log files can then be processed and reports generated on the data in them.

This section discusses the tasks you need to perform for the FTP transfer to work and includes the following topics:

Configuring the FTP Server Software on the Remote Host

Configuring the Director to Send Files to the FTP Server

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