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Global tuning with CSM3.1?

With CSM 3.0 I was able to administer global tuning by logging into CSM, choosing Management Center, Configuration, Global and I could begin.

In 3.1 where Management Center used to be I now have Auto Update Server. Of course Auto Update Server doesn't have any of my devices listed in it and even if it did, I see no way to tune or add filters.

If this has been pulled from the online piece, then my only choice is the desktop component. From the desktop, I have a good idea how to make changes to an individual device and I understand how to copy these changes to other devices, but I do not see a way to make global changes.

Can someone please give me any information about this? Is there a new PDF for 3.1?

Thanks in advance for any response.

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Re: Global tuning with CSM3.1?

I have answered all of my own questions.

The CSM web gui no longer exists as a management tool. All tuning is done on the desktop client.

The link for the PDF for 3.1 is

Hope this helps someone else.

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