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High CPU usage on IPS

Hi guys

I got a problem with an IPS, from some weeks the CPU has been at 100% (all the 4 CPU's) and I don't know why, the Inspection Load is really low and I guess this is not affecting to this. Here some information of the SHOW VERSION command


*I also attach some images of the IPS*


Cisco Intrusion Prevention System, Version 7.1(1)E4

    Realm Keys          key1.0                           
Signature Definition:                                    
    Signature Update    S807.0              2014-06-13   
OS Version:                            
Platform:               ASA5585-SSP-IPS10               

Using 4428M out of 5839M bytes of available memory (75% usage)

system is using 25.1M out of 160.0M bytes of available disk space (16% usage)
application-data is using 68.0M out of 171.6M bytes of available disk space (42% usage)
boot is using 56.0M out of 70.5M bytes of available disk space (84% usage)
application-log is using 494.0M out of 513.0M bytes of available disk space (96% usage)

I hope somebody had some idea what could be causing the high cpu usage.



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