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New Member

How many signatures IPS have


Just a quick question: how many signatures IPS have by default? in IPS7.0.

I've noticed some versions with 4700 or 3700, any official number?



Cisco Employee

Re: How many signatures IPS have

There is no official count of signatures as signatures keep getting added on each release of the signature update. There is signature update release almost every few days.

To check how many default signature your particular IPS has, you can go to the "sig0" section, and at the bottom of the page, it would advise how many default signatures are available, and how many are enabled by default.

Hope that answers your question.

New Member

Re: How many signatures IPS have

Question for Jennifer:

Does this trap indicate the IPS is not getting updates if it has been several days/few weeks sending these traps on the hour?

cidsErrorSeverity:= error

cidsErrorName:= 11

cidsErrorMessage:= No installable auto update package found on server

Cisco Employee

Re: How many signatures IPS have

That could mean a few things:

1) What is the current version of your IPS engine? E3 or E4? Signature update for E3 engine stops at sig479, and to get the latest signature update, you would need to upgrade the IPS engine to E4, as off today, the latest signature pack is sig515.

2) How are you performing the auto update? auto update through a server hosted internally or auto update directly from

If you are auto updating from an internal server, you might want to check the connectivity and/or if the latest update is available on the internal auto update server. If it's directly from, then you want to check point 1 above.

Hope that answers your question.

New Member

Re: How many signatures IPS have

In my case it is E4 and it is set for updates from

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