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New Member

i formatted ids 4235 and installed window xp...

i formatted ids 4235 and installed window xp...

pls advise me how to recover.


Re: i formatted ids 4235 and installed window xp...

use a recovery image. you'll need some sort of smartnet contract to download it...unless a disk came with it that has the image on it.

Cisco Employee

Re: i formatted ids 4235 and installed window xp...

You won't be able to use a "Recovery" image.

The "Recovery Image" requires a running sensor since it only replaces Some of the files.

What you need is a full Recovery CD that will reformat the disk and load everything from scratch.

There is an ISO Image for the Full Recovery CD available on CCO so you can download the ISO image and then using a CD burner you can burn your own Recovery CD.

Latest ISO Image is: IPS-K9-cd-1.1-a-6.0-3-E1.iso

It is available from:

NOTE: The difference in the Recovery Image file which is IPS-K9-r-1.1-a-6.0-3-E1.pkg and the CD ISO Image file IPS-K9-cd-1.1-a-6.0-3-E1.pkg is that the Recovery image file gets installed on a running system and updates an existing Recovery Partition while the CD ISO Image allows you to create a Recovery CD that erases the disk and starts the install from scratch.

Be aware that for systems with a CD Drive we have what are called System Image files that perform similar to the CD. They can be installed through ROMMON or similar utility and will erase the current disk/flash and install from scratch. Each type of sensor will have either a CD ISO Image OR a System Image for installing from scratch, and all sensors will have Recovery Images that can be used with a sensor that is already in good working order and does not need complete replacement of all files.

A Recovery Image has a -r- in the filename, a CD ISO Image has a -cd- in the filename, and a System Image has a -sys- in the filename.

But as Steven Rue mentioned, you Will need an up to date maintenance contract to ensure you have access to the file from, and also to be able to apply any later signature updates on to the sensor.


Re: i formatted ids 4235 and installed window xp...

"uh.. wow" sure sums it up. :LOL:

Why would you install XP on a sensor??? Never mind, I don't want to know.

New Member

Re: i formatted ids 4235 and installed window xp...

Hahaha too funny... now come clean this was a joke right? :-)

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