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IDS-4215 with a bad compact flash card

I have a Cisco IDS-4215 card with a non-functioning flash card in it. The IDS won't boot with the card in place, and recovery from ROMMON fails, dropping me into a Bourne shell after loading some of the OS. I tried the CF card in a different machine and it won't even mount. I tried a new card in the machine and just end up stopped after a bunch of debug output. Can I load the recovey img file onto the new flash card? Should the card be formatted in a specific format? Also, can I just drop the image file onto the card, or should I mount the image file and somehow copy all the files from it to the card? Can you just copy the files or should you do a sector by sector copy?


Re: IDS-4215 with a bad compact flash card

Although you may be able to get the third party CF card working (provided you can get the ROMMON image transfer to work, which it sounds like it doesn't at this point) I'd still strongly recommend just opening a TAC case and having the entire device RMA'ed.  The CF in the 4215 is not technically field replacable so replacing it with anything would render the entire device unsupported and may cause unforseen problems down the road. The TAC should be more than happy to RMA the device presenting the symptoms you're describing (provided it's still under contract, of course).

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Re: IDS-4215 with a bad compact flash card

Unfortunately, the IDS isn't under support. I bought it to work on my IPS study for CCSP.

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