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IDS 4235 Password Recovery problem

I plan to start working on IDS 4235 and loss the login password I tried default username and password cisco but failed since there is no appliance recovery CD with me and downloaded this IDS-42XX-K9-r-1.1-a-4.0-1-S37.tar from Cisco this file cannot be extracted giving error Either "The archive is in unknown format or damaged" I need to make a recovery CD how can i do this is there any procedure to recover lost password for IDS 4235 appliance.. Thanks


Re: IDS 4235 Password Recovery problem

You will need to order the recovery CD from Cisco, they do not post the .iso images on CCO (unless they are a fix to an active TAC case you have) Since you have to re-image this sensor, you should should consider ordering the 5.x Image. You will need to buy an annual license for 5.x (and 6.x, etc...) But if you stay with version 4.x you will not get any signature updates after September 30th 2006.


Re: IDS 4235 Password Recovery problem

Was an official press release, or some other notification, sent out on the date that IDS/IPS 4.x signature support would end?

If so, could a link to this announcement be provided?


Cisco Employee

Re: IDS 4235 Password Recovery problem

Official announcement for 4.x EOS/EOL:

It contains:

End of Signature Updates 29-Sep-2006


Re: IDS 4235 Password Recovery problem


I tried to access the link you provided but I can't get passed the username/password prompt my browser is giving me.

I know my username/password is OK (or I wouldn't be able to post this reply), so I can't figure out why I can't access that URL.

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: IDS 4235 Password Recovery problem

Try to connect a monitor and keybaord to the sensor and power cycle the sensor.

Watch closely during bootup and look for a GRUB menu.

The GRUB menu provides the default option for the main application partition, BUT it also provides an option for a recovery partition. If you select the recovery partition it will reformat the application partition and load a clean image on it.

The sensor will then reboot into the application partition.

You can then login with the cisco userid and the default cisco password.

If you don't see the GRUB menu through a monitor connection, then try using a console connection to the sensor's serial port and power cycle the sensor.

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