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Community Member

IDS 4250 and IDS 4250-SX-K9

Hi friends.

I am new in cisco ... I entered to a enterprise who has 3 IDS 4250 ** , this devices doesn't have configurated ...and the signs are from 2005 !!!

Cisco Systems Intrusion Detection Sensor, Version 4.1(5)S201

MainApp 2005_Sep_01_21.30 (Release) 2005-09-01T21:30:35-0500Running

AnalysisEngine 2005_Sep_01_21.30 (Release) 2005-09-01T21:30:35-0500Running

Authentication 2005_Sep_01_21.30 (Release) 2005-09-01T21:30:35-0500Running

Logger 2005_Sep_01_21.30 (Release) 2005-09-01T21:30:35-0500Running

NetworkAccess 2005_Sep_01_21.30 (Release) 2005-09-01T21:30:35-0500Running

TransactionSource 2005_Sep_01_21.30 (Release) 2005-09-01T21:30:35-0500Running

WebServer 2005_Sep_01_21.30 (Release) 2005-09-01T21:30:35-0500Running

May I upgrade those devices? or what should i do with them ...? or this devices are obsolet??

thanks for your help .

p.d sorry for ta grammar mistakes .. i a m spanish speaker.


Re: IDS 4250 and IDS 4250-SX-K9

The devices are not quite obsolete, but are getting there. Cisco could stop supporting them at any time. You need two types of maintenance to keep IDS devices current; hardware and signature. If you have hardware maintenance, you can upgrade to the latest 6.x code. If you have signature maintenance, you can apply the latest signature.

Cisco Employee

Re: IDS 4250 and IDS 4250-SX-K9

The Cisco Service for IPS contracts will typically cover support for the hardware, software, and signatures.

There is a special Cisco Service for IPS contract type that only covers signatures, but this special contract is only available to user's who have already purchased a partner supplied maintenance contract for the hardware and software.

So you can not have the sensor covered only for signature updates.

So you will need to ensure your sensors are covered under an up to date Cisco Service for IPS maintenance contract.

Contact your Cisco Sales Representative for how to purchase the Cisco Service for IPS contract for your sensors.


Re: IDS 4250 and IDS 4250-SX-K9

Thanks for the correction. I generally I don't get involved once the decision to purchase is made, but I thought our network folks mentioned separate contracts. I'll have to sort that out.

Cisco Employee

Re: IDS 4250 and IDS 4250-SX-K9

They are probably having to buy that special Cisco Service for IPS contract that only covers signatures. This is because they are likely buying the hardware and software support contract directly from the reseller rather than a standard Cisco contract.

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