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New Member

IDS viewer

Can the IDS viewer be deployed to more than one site/machine?

Cisco Employee

Re: IDS viewer

Yes, IEV (IPS Event Viewer) can be deployed to more than one site/machine.

Please note that one IEV can only subscribe to five IPS devices, and one IPS can have only five subscribers.

Thank you.


New Member

Re: IDS viewer

Thank you!

New Member

Re: IDS viewer

Hello Irma,

I use the IPS Event Viewer (ver 5.2) here at FMS for the new IPS's and for my older IDS's.

The nice thing about the newest IEV 5.2 is it's ability to email events to info security staff. Also, you can export the IEV data tables to an ASCII file for Excel or Access for further analysis.

Always happy to help a fellow bloke from Joisy.


FMS Bank, Burlington, NJ

New Member

Re: IDS viewer

I installed IEV on a second machine and just noticed that we're running version 4.1. I like the idea of being able to export the data tables. I'll look into upgrading to 5.2

Thank you

Cisco Employee

Re: IDS viewer

It is a freebie, located here:

the IEV 5.2 version will handle IPS 5 and IPS 6 software versions

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