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IDSM-2 Hot-swapable?

Hi Guys,

I need some information!

Is the IDSM2 hot-swappable in a Cisco 6509 Chassis?

Recently I installed the IDSM2 on an Cisco 6509 Chassis (with two Sup720s in SSO mode). But chassis rebooted specifying that the

"%C6K_PLATFORM-2-PEER_RESET: RP is being reset by the SP"

After rebooting the secondary SUP became active.

Can anyone give an explaination for this?

Also Please do let me know whether the IDSM is hot-swappable or not?

Prompt response will be appreciated.




Re: IDSM-2 Hot-swapable?


The proper way to remove IDSM2 blade is to power off @shutdown the blade from switch CLI.

This is because IDSM2 has internal harddisk that need to be shutdown properly. Otherwise, you may corrupt the disk.

For the IDSM2, the term hot-swap is true only if you shut it down properly, then remove it.



Community Member

Re: IDSM-2 Hot-swapable?

Well, I understand the power of and remove procedure in IDSM2 blade.

I faced this specific problem when i was "INSERTING" the card the chassis.

So again my question arises.

What do you think?

is there specific requirement when i have two SUPs?

Re: IDSM-2 Hot-swapable?

What's the IDSM2 operation mode - inline or promiscuous?

Not sure if this is rerlated, and depends on your settings. With inline, traffic may or may not allowed to pass through without mandatory IDSM2 inspection. And if you removed the blade, this could have disconnect the traffic flow (L3 plus other SupEngine processing of the passing traffic). With this, the active SupEngine was unable to communicate and allow passing traffic to get throuigh. This cut-off is making the module isolated, and this could be the reason why the standby SupEngine triggered.



Community Member

Re: IDSM-2 Hot-swapable?

well, it is still not configured. It is just inserted into the 6500 Chassis. So whatever is the default config (promiscous).

Re: IDSM-2 Hot-swapable?

If that the case, maybe it could be other things, even to the extend of bugs.

As you're saying, the blade is properly shutdown and removed from the slot. This make the active SupEngine to go down, and standby takes over.

With fresh idsm2 (not configured), this shouldn't happened. From my experience, I can always remove and put back the module without any issues with SupEngine.

BTW, IDSM2 is confirmed hot-swap, and shouldn't caused any issue to the switch



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