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IDSM-2 Not responding

I set up two IPS's in a CAT6509 and using Cisco's IPS Event Viewer got into them fine and had traffic and everything, but after about a week i cant connect to them with event viewer i cant get into them by double clicking, but i have the red X and the status is "Status unknown. IEV server program may not be running." Any ideas? This has happened twice now, the way i fixed it last time was reloading the sensors. I know i must be missing something. Any help would be great thanks.

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Re: IDSM-2 Not responding

Which OS ver are you using 4.x or 5.x. I had the same problems with some 4.x sensors. To get them working again (for a short time), had to issue a "hw reset from the switch).

One ended up going DOA. I've since been using the new 5.x code, and it seems a lot more stable

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Re: IDSM-2 Not responding

im using 5.x its really weird because i can still get into it by double clicking but all functionality in event viewer is gone.

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