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IDSM hangs after sig update


i have a customer with 12 blades IDSM on 7600's and every time he update the signatures at least on one of the blades the web server hangs or something related with this. He solves the issue by restarting the module which is not an answer. All the blades run 6.2.1 E3.

Any ideea what to look for? the analysis engine runs ok. Could it be a browser problem?

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Re: IDSM hangs after sig update

Here are some possible fixes for this issue:

1) Can you first upgrade the IDSM to the latest patch level). You will find the patch software at

2) You can try to upgrade the Signature Manually.

Re: IDSM hangs after sig update

This is a frequent issue with IDSMs. We have four at one customer and it happens all the time.

Yesterday only I found that when I tried to save the configuration on one of them, got the following error:

Error: editConfigDeltaSignatureDefinition : ct-sensorApp.17271 not responding, please check system processes - The connect to the specified Io::ClientPipe failed.

The configuration changes failed validation, no changes were applied.

Would you like to return to edit mode to correct the errors? [yes]: exit

% Please answer 'yes' or 'no'.

Would you like to return to edit mode to correct the errors? [yes]:

Before (two weeks or so ago), I did a signature update and 2 out of 4 would not go with the upgarde. Then I found some document on Cisco support wiki to logon using service account and re-create the cache files or something.



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