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IEV 4.1 (1)S194 error

When I try to view the events, I receive the following error "no record found by using current filters in table view" and then it list the table I was trying to view. This was working until about 1 week ago, not sure why it quit working. Any ideas?

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Re: IEV 4.1 (1)S194 error

Is the sensor showing alerts? From the cli, does show ev al show you alerts? I just want to make sure the sensor is working properly. If so, I'd suggest you remove the sensor from IEV, then re-Add it and see if it works.

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Re: IEV 4.1 (1)S194 error just sits there. I can cntrl-c out of the nothingness and get back to the prompt. I can do a sho config, sho ver etc., but it does not like the sho ev al

I am in the process of doing a reset.

I reset the IPS and am receiving the same results when doing a sho ev al


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Re: IEV 4.1 (1)S194 error

can you paste the output of show ver and show int g 0? Also, you need to make sure group 0 and your sensing interface is enabled.

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