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IME 7.1.1 bug question

Running IME 7.1.1 on Windows XP, noticing the following "feature":

From my Dashboard, I have different gadgets setup for Top Attackers, Top Victims, Top Signatures. Say for example, that an alarm shows up in one of these gadget windows. I can select the "Event For" drop-down and select whichever entry I want to see - so in the case of Top Attackers, I can select a certain IP Address for which I want to see what kind of alarms it's been generating, and it opens up a window listing all the alarms for the time frame that I setup the gadget to monitor. The problem is that when I left-click on one of the alarms in the window, the entire window pops underneath the main IME screen which forces me to Alt-Tab back to the window. If I right-click on one of the alarms, the window blinks on the screen as if it's trying to pop under, but since there's a sub-menu of commands associated with right-click it ends up back on top. However most of the time what I'm trying to do is expand the Event Details at the bottom of the window, so it ends up being kind of a hassle.

Is this fixed in 7.2.1? I don't have a real compelling reason to upgrade from 7.1.1 to 7.2.1, but if they were able to fix this annoyance I might consider it.

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